In2Green Spins a New Thread

Join Kim Leister as she gets to know Jehann Biggs, the new leadership force behind the In2Green brand.

The Back Story

In2Green throws have long been my “go to” décor accent in my home and for gifting. Some of my throws are so old I call them "vintage" and guess what…they look brand new. Not only do they keep you warm, they brighten a room - and when you do a custom piece, it becomes an heirloom.

So when the former owners decided it was time to transform the company with new ownership, you can imagine my excitement to meet with new owner Jehann Biggs.

In2Green - Jehann Biggs

The Conversation

Kim: "What is your background and how does it lend itself to leading In2Green?"

Jehann: "I have a fairly diverse background-- from Product Development, to Brand Building, Sales and Operations. I've spent 20+ in leadership roles across several industries at Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and Genentech to name a few. Product strategy and execution are my expertise. My new role leading In2Green is the culmination of all my Corporate experiences."

Kim: "Purchasing a company is a big move. What made you do it?"

Jehann: "Yes, it is a big move! I believe it's always good to chart one's own course and I was at the right juncture when coming across In2Green. I found a design-forward luxury business with high quality products, wonderful staff, and a sustainable mission that resonated closely with me. All our materials are recycled from post-industrial fabric clippings and 100% recycled plastic bottles. So, when a customer buys a Poly throw, for example, they are upcycling 78 water bottles. It's amazing!"

Kim: "Not only is it a wholesale business, but a retail as well. What's that like?"

Jehann: "Personally, I love challenges, and the fact that In2Green had a retail presence certainly was in line with that! Retail is new to me, but customer behavior and product market fit isn't. The retail store actually reinforces our product line as we are able to get direct feedback when developing new collections. Leading the brand direction and navigating challenges with scale are what I enjoy and exactly what I am experiencing in my first 100 days. It's a thrill for me and I'm enjoying meeting customers, reps and everyone in our value chain. To get product to you, we partner with several small businesses like ourselves, all based in the USA. With them, we can customize any throw to suit our customer needs."

Kim: "Where do you see it going? What are your dreams for the business?"

Jehann: "In2green is a fantastic business! Did I say that already? I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to build on what I have come to believe truly fits me. It was started by two gutsy women, and I have made this gutsy move in taking the helm in this new era for growth.

Our markets are broad and deep and we will continue to service an array of valuable B2B and B2C customers. Customer service is a pillar on which this business was built, and the reason why our customers keep coming back! My goal is to continue delighting our customers, having my team work closely with Simblist reps, and streamline our current operations so that we serve you even better.

Growth for me will be cultivating the current brand to expand our product portfolio, building more customer intimacy, and solidifying us as the leading innovator in the eco-luxury space. I can’t wait to continue meeting our customers and championing In2Green’s vision forward.

I'm excited to meet all of you and work with your customers in designing throws that meet their unique needs. You can work directly with myself or Nina Hogan ( +1914-693-5054), who is our Simblist Account Manager. We are here to serve you!"

The Recap

People ask me all the time what my favorite thing is that we sell. I have lots of favorites, but In2Green throws are definitely up there on the list. Under Jehann's new vision, the future of this company is looking very bright, and I couldn't be more excited to grow this partnership and keep bringing these incredible (and customizable!) products to our retailers.

~Kim Leister

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